The power of believing in someone.

I made a new friend yesterday who said something very touching about how I obviously loved and respected my father. Well, this struck a chord with me and I felt my eyes begin to well and I needed to clear my throat and blink a few times. My father would have been 81 tomorrow. I truly miss him and his unwavering support of me. I miss him so much that it still makes me feel a smidge sorry for myself when I think about losing one of my biggest fans.

Here is a dad story:
I have a distinct memory of his praise and pride in my first grade report card. He had even bought me a box of chocolates to celebrate how well I did. It was one of the yellow boxes—samplers, I think they are called. I was ecstatic and felt that I must be brilliant. It probably set the stage for many, many years of absolute love of school. In my twenties, my mum handed over the box of my childhood keepsakes. In the box was the first report card. I read it and sat down in complete shock. It was as dull as molasses—a middle of the road, solid line of satisfactory marks. There was nothing at all outstanding. Well, there may have been one outstanding mark.

I take from this a few things. He believed in me. When he married my mum, I came with the package. He chose to raise me as his own. He supported me, educated me and gave me a model for living an honest life. I shared his love of books, crossword puzzles and John Wayne. Btw,His devotion for my mum gave me an example of what a marriage should be. And he could be fun and silly. How I loved when dad took us to the Rod and Gun club! My parents danced around the kitchen together and kissed each other in front of us (we thought it was gross, of course). back to me…He was proud of my report card and proud of me for giving it my all. He believed in me. There is an amazing and profound power in believing in someone. I became a first generation college graduate and the first lawyer in our family’s history. Thank you, dad, and a very happy birthday to you in heaven.

I hope that we can love, support and believe in our children in this same way. I strive to every day.