I am extremely pleased with the service and compassion given to me, and shown to me, by Samantha and her staff. Whenever I have a question, all I have to do is send one of the staff members an email, and I will receive a response the same day. I would recommend this firm to anyone.  I recently admitted my husband to a memory care facility. Samantha and her staff were extremely helpful and made the process as painless and easy as possible.
M. Duncan

Ms. Shepherd gave me excellent advice. I’d recommend her services to anyone with elder law, estate, trust, etc. needs. She offered a tremendous amount of kindness and direction during a really tough time. When you can’t see the big picture, she can. Highly recommended.

Coby Budridge

“Samantha Shepherd and her team at Shepherd Elder Law Group came into our lives at a critical point for our parents’ care and life choices. I can say with heartfelt conviction that the firm’s extreme skill (particularly in the area of veteran benefits) combined with creative caring, guided us to the answers we needed to move forward. I recommend the firm to you whole-heartedly.”

Diane C

My sister, brother and I are so very appreciative of the years of guidance, wisdom and expertise the Shepherd Law Firm provided our family through the past eight years. It’s indeed been a long and winding road as our parents first sold their home, then moved into an independent living facility, then into a nursing home before their deaths this year. Samantha, Christine and staff led us every step of the way through the early planning stages, the creation of wills, trusts and powers of attorney, the division and preservation of assets and then through the maze of Medicaid and government agencies. At all times, their focus was on the well-being of our parents. We have been blessed to have had Shepherd Law’s friendship and their wisdom.


“I just want to say that your kindness and knowledge made both myself and my Dad cry! Not sad tears – tears of relief. As my mom enters senior living, it is a huge relief to me and my family that my dad does not have to lose any more than he already has and can stay where he is with his two dogs that they both love so much!

Christine C

My brother (who lives in Prairie Village) and I contacted Samantha Shepherd over 3.5 years ago to help us navigate the path to finding an assisted living facility for our then 90-year-old mother. Samantha was incredibly helpful in numerous ways: assuring us that we WERE asking the right questions of various facilities, that we WERE understanding what we were being told, how she could help navigate the bureaucratic agencies we might need to deal with (VA, Medicaid), that we understood her role as an advocate for our mother once our mother retained her services, how she (Samantha) could advocate for our mother if necessary, helped us understand that our mother qualified for assistance from the Veteran’s Administration now that she was entering assisted living and when it would be appropriate to complete the required paperwork. Our mother retained her services for one year and during that time Samantha met without mother and assured her that she (our mother) would always have representation if necessary. Now that our mother is running out of money, Samantha has been wonderful in addressing and answering my questions about various issues and processes moving forward. I only hope that when my time comes I can find an attorney who specializes in elder law here in Colorado as helpful, compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable as Samantha Shepherd. Consulting with an elder care attorney should be on everyone’s “to do” list when the time comes – whether dealing with an elderly parent or your own life as an elder adult. The peace of mind gained and the amount of information gathered is well worth the money. Thank you, Samantha!!

Melinda Brown, Vail, CO